Advantages of Digitization service

Advantages of Digitization service

All companies use a lot of paper for printing every day. Storage space for these documents is increasing by time, where data stored in them is getting old concurrently. At some point of time, your company will face critical problems: how to retrieve data from a such large volume of papers, and how to maintain the physical storage efficiently. Fortunately, digitalization steps can save your organization from these issues with the help of outsource service providers. Let’s discuss about what is digitalization and its advantages in next coming sections.

What is Digitalization?

Digitalization is a process that converts data from papers, images, voices or any original format into digital formats that can be stored and processed in computers. For example, paper documents can be converted into digital images by using scanners; after that OCR (optical character recognition) software will recognized text contents and convert it into real text documents which can be edited, indexed for further searching. In the same manner, human speech can be captured and stored in audio format by recording software; then dialogue content is recognized by speech-to-text software and outputted as text files. With the advancements of AI, especially deep learning techniques, digitalization processes can be implemented rapidly and generates high accurate output.

Benefits of Digitalization

Explicitly, many benefits can be gained from the digitalization decisions as listed follows:

1.       Saving storage space: Rental cost of office space is costly. Digitalization can narrow your document storages and release your company from the pressure to expand the offices. On the other hand, maintain a large volume of paper documents is expensive. Besides the office space, other maintaining costs should be considered by your company, for example, dehumidifying, deodorizing and termite prevention…

2.       Increasing working performance: It takes a staff 12 minutes in average to retrieve a document from a company’s paper storage. With appropriately digitalized documents, this task is done after some mouse clicks.  Furthermore, digitalization helps stakeholder to share documents via the Internet, reduces the interaction time and thus, boosting the working efficiency of your company.

3.       Easy to access: A digitalized document stored in shared folder or in cloud and be accessed from anywhere and anytime via the Internet. You will no longer worry about carrying a large volume of papers during your travelling. All your data is always available online and ready for your work, despite of your current location.

4.       Easy to retrieve: Digitalization processes which are equipped by OCR software can generate real text documents which can be stored, processed, edited and shared by computers. These text files are also can be indexed, a processing step used by search engines, by which they can be sorted and retrieved based on their contents. With an indexed collection of text documents, you can easily pick up your needed document by using Windows searching feature.

5.       Increasing security: Digitalized documents are traceable. With any file, we can grant specific accessing rights to specific groups of users. By defining accessibility permission for users, you can protect your documents from unauthorized accessing. Stored files in your computers will always be protected from both local and remote enemies.

6.       Recovery from disaster: Risks of disaster always exist. Flood, fire or earthquake can harm any building and document storage. A warehouse of papers has no way to survive under any kind of disaster. Digitalized documents are safety stored in cloud. The storage providers always have feasible solutions to protect your data from risks of disaster. In other words, if you have good strategy for digitalization, your data will be stored permanently and can be recover after some simple clicks.

7.       Environment friendly: A digitalized version of document can be easily duplicated and shared with no cost. Maintaining data in digital format save a large volume of paper, printing materials as well as electricity. The less paper used in your company, the more green credit it can gain.  

8.       Digital transformation: Digitalization is the first step of digital transformation process. Early applying digitalization is the key to achieve success in digital transformation plan.

Business leaders today are focusing in achieving competitive advantages using information technology. Information systems, digital processes are increasingly showing their efficiency in the development of businesses. Digitalization is one of the first basic needs that a business needs to address.

However, you may be concerned that your business does not have enough experience and resources to perform for these high-tech operations. Do not worry, digitalization can be fully outsourced. SHAREWORK provides Digitization services with low cost and plenty of fruitful features. You will receive results very quickly after the contract is signed. Certainly, with a digitized archive, your business will achieve significant value-added value for your money. For any question about digitalization services, contact us now: Follow our website to see more blogs at SHAREWORK.