1. What is After-sale support

After-sales support, sometimes called after-sales service, is any service provided after a customer has purchased a product. These movements can be referred to as customer interaction, solving arising problems related to the products and business services to ensure customer satisfaction.

2. Why do we need After-sale support? 

Building up a close relationship with customers is the first step to a successful business. Making a qualified after-sales service plays an important role in business activities. When businesses help customers answer their questions and make the most of the value from the products and services they provide, customers will certainly feel happy and cared for. By doing so, they will tend to return to buy or recommend products and services of the business to many others. Therefore, after-sales customer care plays an extremely important role. Not only can they retain loyal customers, businesses can also understand the quality of their products and services through customer feedback.

These are 4 great benefits of after-sale support:

First, customer retention: Some customers may search for a company's products based on after-sales service. To be able to retain customers and build them into loyal customers of the business, the first thing a business needs to do is make customers feel satisfied with its products and services. provided, only then will customers be able to use the products and services of the business for a long time.

Second, turn enterprise customers into business partners: After-sales service can be seen as a bridge between businesses and consumers. If the business provides good service, this can lead to positive word of mouth for the company. Nowadays, consumers tend to buy in bulk. If a business can satisfy the needs of its existing customers, these people will act as intermediaries, recommending products and services to people they know. Gradually, the company's products and services will be widely disseminated without much need for other media. Conversely, poor after-sales service can also prevent companies from achieving customer satisfaction and this will affect business growth as well as business reputation.

Third, this is a good opportunity for businesses to improve their products and services: After sales transactions, thanks to after-sales service, businesses could be aware of their quality of products and services through feedback from customers. This helps businesses understand customers' needs in the market and based on that to change and improve their products and services to better quality.

Fourth, is what makes you different from other competitors: For example, two businesses provide a similar product or service to a group of customers. In particular, a business that provides after-sales services including customer care, maintenance, warranty, ... will certainly win more trust than businesses without after-sales service. Therefore, it could be said that good after-sales customer service will create a decisive factor for the business activities of the enterprise, thereby gaining a competitive advantage over other competitors.

3. How is the After sales service conducted?

- Keep in touch with customers: Usually, after completing a purchase transaction, if the product has any problems, customers often find businesses to ask for an exchange or repair. There have also been many cases where customers expressed dissatisfaction while asking businesses about the use  or problems related to products and services that they had not been answered before. Therefore, maintaining contact with customers even after a purchase agreement is reached will help customers truly believe in the professional and responsible working style of the corporation. This will be a way to help businesses maintain good and strong relationships with their customers.

- Customer support when needed: Supporting customers quickly and on time is also an important thing in business. There are many cases where customers are not satisfied with the company's answer. In cases like these, the first thing businesses need to do is help their customers stay calm and quickly come up with the most appropriate solution. Determine which side the problem lies in, if it's the company's fault, then mobilize the relevant department to solve the problem in the most effective way. If it's the customer's fault, instruct them on how to fix it or offer them the most appropriate solution.

- Flexible return and exchange policy: When customers have problems with the products provided by the business, if they are not resolved thoroughly, there will be a lot of consequences. The worst scenario could be the negative feedback that customers leave on the company website. Rumors will keep spreading widely and become a problem that makes the business lose its credibility. In this case, businesses need to quickly contact the customer to confirm the error of the product. Consider where the product's fault comes from, so that we can offer the most satisfactory and flexible return policy for customers. If the damaged product is the enterprise's fault during transportation, we should immediately contact the customer to apologize for the deficiency as well as recalling and returning the product to satisfy the customer.

- Get customer feedback on products and services: If you've ever purchased at Shopee, Tiki or Lazada e-commerce platforms before, after each purchase, these platforms always want to get customer feedback for product quality. This is considered a good opportunity for businesses to know customers' satisfaction about their products, from which they can improve product quality to suit customer’s needs. In addition, showing good customer feedback is also a cost-free way of promotion for the company. Therefore, businesses should conduct surveys for customer feedback on the quality of their products in a variety of ways, such as giving customers a survey to evaluate after purchasing, contacting directly to inquire about the product quality, etc.

- Preferential policies for long-term customers: Many businesses are now applying preferential policies for long-term customers as a way of gratitude to retain loyal customers. This helps the company to set itself apart from other competitors. There are many preferential policies that we can apply such as creating cards, VIP accounts, discounts on special occasions such as March 8, birthdays, opening customer gratitude programs,... These things will help customers feel that they are prioritized and respected.

4. Why should you choose the after-sales service at SHAREWORK?

We understand our customers that not only do they care about the product quality, they are also interested in warranty policy and after sales service. Our after sales service team pride on our spirit of hospitality and quick handling of customers requests. Not only ensure product quality after completing payment, we also constantly update and announce a series of special offers for loyal customers. In response to customer satisfaction, at SHAREWORK we always try to give our customers the best experience with the following services:

- Polite and on time polite response: Our after sales service team is always available 24/7. We always quickly and enthusiastically answer all your questions related to the product group that the company provides. regardless of service related or technical issues.

- Double check: Double checking everything before presenting to customers has become an indispensable rule of every SHAREWORK employee to make sure that every answer we give to our customers is always fast and accurate.

- The art of listening: Not just simply listening, we always deeply understand the desires of our customers based on their feedback and bring out products and services in the best way possible to satisfy your consumer demand.

- Our principles "Customer is always right" and "Benefits for both sides": At SHAREWORK, customers are our top priority. We always work in the spirit of bringing benefits to both sides. Considerately serving and caring so that customers can achieve satisfaction in their purchase is our responsibility.

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