1.What is .NET?

.NET or Dot NET - this is a programming platform that allows developers to develop websites and applications, not a programming language like Java, PHP, Python, ... .NET is a framework developed by Microsoft, runs on Microsoft Windows operating system and includes many different technologies.

Some programming languages can be used on the .NET platform, but VB.NET and C# are the two main programming languages for creating web or mobile applications.

.NET is one of the powerful tools for building web and mobile apps. This is a framework provided by Microsoft along with ASP.NET and ASP.NET MVC.


2.Advantages of .NET

-Use multiple languages, cross-platform, highly integrated with many languages;

-Increase productivity and reduce cost when developing applications;

-Reduce many conflicts and create safety, high security, reliability;

-Take advantage of the operating system’s services.


3.Applications of .NET

-Healthcare: Data collection, analysis, and management; health care system;...

-Electronic devices: developing applications for Smart TVs, hand-held devices such as Gear S3, smartphones, and IoT internet devices,...

-Household electrical appliances


4.Key skills of .NET developer

-.NET Basics




-SQL Server


-Visual Studio




Moreover, when you have more related knowledge about Web API, Entity Framework, LINQ, AngularJS, NodeJS which will support your skills to become a successful .NET developer.


5.Fullstack .NET development

.NET is a very “friendly” platform for Fullstack developers and thanks to its advantages, it is very convenient to use to support front-end and back-end requirements.

.NET is used a lot in web development and its versatility is often overwhelming for inexperienced developers. That’s why many companies are opting to hire full stack .NET developers, as they can manage tasks related to the front-end and back-end of projects. These are very important skills, particularly because of the rise of cloud computing technologies. As more web services are hosted in cloud services, .NET full stack developers are faced with the challenge of building interactive web applications that are especially suited for server-side operations. 

Thanks to the understanding, knowledge, and experience of Fullstack .NET developers, apps are built securely. Besides, developers deliver an easy deployment while taking care of potential versioning issues that can arise. 

Developed by Microsoft, the world's leading technology corporation, so the opportunity for .NET developers is great because they have a community of developers, software services, extremely modern tools, and constant development. In addition, Microsoft also has a large enterprise customer base, they need a lot of developers to build enterprise applications using .NET.

In the future, it is expected that the market will demand more Fullstack .NET developers. Cloud-based apps are becoming the norm for many industries, and this will demand full stack web developers who know how to integrate the different areas of the software development process.