Telesales is a process by which companies attempt to solicit customers through telephone calls. A telesales representative will market a product using a predetermined sales pitch and may attempt to make the sale directly over the telephone or set up a meeting at a later date where the customer can make a purchase.


Telesales representative is salespeople who use the telephone to reach potential or existing customers. Those who sell their companies’ products to other organizations can be called inside sales representatives. Selling done through phone calls to an individual might be referred to as telemarketing. Excellent communication and phone skills, persuasiveness, patience, persistence, and keyboarding skills are needed for either type of telesales position.


Telesales representative Description


Telesales representative in business-to-business (B2B) sales may attend trade shows or conferences to keep up with the latest products and trends. Because they work by telephone, telesales representative spends most of their time at their desk, either in an office or working from home. They can make “cold calls” to try to start a relationship with a new customer. In addition to their sales duties, inside sales representatives may be responsible for administrative tasks such as preparing sales reports, scheduling an appointment or researching the prices and products of a competitor.




Telesales representative must have excellent communication skills, including a clear and confident speaking voice and a friendly rapport with customers. While they work from a script, telesales representative must also have the ability to be flexible and creative in dealing with customers. They must represent the company in a positive light at all times, this calls for optimistic people who aren’t easily upset and who naturally like working with others.


Telesales representative also has good knowledge of Microsoft office, telephone systems and the ability to learn about products, services and explain them to prospects. Outstanding negotiation skills with the ability to resolve issues and address complaints is also an important skill when dealing with customers.


Benefits of Telesales to Business


Ø  Turning objections into opportunities

Telesales provides you with the opportunity to prepare yourself well in advance before your prospect comes up to with any kind of sales objections. You have the power to turn the objections into opportunities through questioning and listening to what the customer’s needs are and help to meet them. Telesales also gives the advantage of building trust and rapport with the prospect so that you can convert sales easily on a later stage.


Ø  Verifying and cleaning data

It’s a known fact that a huge amount of sales data is always incorrect or crap. Some studies have even shown that up to 20% of sales data is duplicated, filled with errors or simply wrong. Telesales campaigns give you the opportunity to correct these errors and clean your records out which in turn can massively increase your success rate. This will also prevent the sales team from wasting time contacting the wrong people on multiple and will help you in building a solid proof sales pipeline.


Ø   Building personal touch

With a versatile method of creating leads, telesales representative has the capability of combining telesales with direct mail and Internet marketing. By adding a personal touch to the telesales campaigns you can increase the sales conversion before the prospect is willing to meet you. Speaking directly gives you the power to convey your message clearly and effectively to the prospect. It becomes easy to tailor the message directly according to the flow of conversation rather than just reading a standard script.


Ø   Updated campaign strategies

Marketing messages channeled through radio, television or the Internet can lack immediacy because marketing campaigns were planned a long time ago and have just been recently implemented. With telesales services, there is no need for such preparation. Promotions conducted with live telemarketers or salespeople can update marketing messages to become modified right before the campaign starts. Telemarketers may use scripts that can easily be tweaked to suit the campaign anytime during the calling hours.


Benefits from Telesales Position


Ø   Improving your communication skills

In addition to multiple professional skills acquired over time, the most important element to emphasize is the ability to interact with unknown individuals and find common ground. A telesales professional is therefore at advantage by becoming highly skilled in negotiation and persuasion. All these valuable aptitudes will become quite important in the professional and personal areas of life.


Ø   Flexible working hours

Unlike other careers where you are required to follow a strict and structured schedule, a career in sales allows you to have more flexibility in your working hours. You have the freedom to manage your time and arrange your schedule for the day regardless of whether you are in the office or off to meet clients.


Ø   You will broaden your professional network

A career in sales provides you the chance to encounter people from different walks of life. You get to meet product developers, business owners, and suppliers. Interacting with a variety of people each day allows you to learn many things from them. On top of that meeting, new people help you expand your career network that will provide great career opportunities.



The difference between Telesales and Telemarketing

Ø   Telesales: A service that directly sell your service/products to a prospective customer over the telephone.


Ø   Telemarketing: A service that creates interest, generates opportunities, offers information, make appointments, collects customer feedback and produces leads over the telephone.


Ø   Telesales can help you:

·          Increase your conversion rate while decreasing your cost per sale

·          Convert difficult leads into sales

·          Conducting resourceful campaigns and tailoring it according to your budget

·          Leave a professional impression on your business with potential customers and current


Ø   Telemarketing can help you:

·          Find new customers or generate interest in your product, service or brand by offering information directly to the customer

·          Create a reliable source of data for your telesales team, instead of buying the data

·          Good telemarketing campaign drive great telesales campaign

·          Telemarketing provides customer with satisfaction and often exceeds the needs of the customer