Telemarketing is a very common form of marketing companies use to connect with potential customers of their products or services. Historically, telemarketing consisted of companies making telephone calls to existing or potential customers. With new technology, telemarketing has expanded to include video conferencing calls as well, although those are typically conducted with existing customers. Telemarketing is often used to try to sell a product or service, but it can also take the form of surveys or information gathering.

 Advantages of Telemarketing


Ø   Cost effective marketing

Choosing telemarketing over other marketing platforms is a good idea for sales & marketing professionals and business owners. Besides being useful, it will cost you less money because of the many benefits associated with it. It is comparatively cheaper than other marketing methods, such as journal/ magazine or website advertising. One fact is that you no longer have to train employees. It is the telemarketing company's job to produce trained and dedicated telemarketers. Another benefit is that you don't have to provide more space for computers and other needed tools for your campaign since the telemarketing company will be offering it. You will not also be paying additional fees for the telemarketer or the agent since you will be spending a fixed price to the telemarketing company.


Ø   Collect customers’ feedback

Telemarketing is one of the most effective ways to obtain customer feedback. It allows you to immediately measure your customers’ level of interest in your products or services. This includes their questions, needs, decision-making process. Customers can learn about the benefits of your product, find great stories and discover information about your customer’s experience with your company. You could concentrate on products, customer service, delivery or brand sentiment. It also lets your customers know that you care enough to call, building your customer relationship.


Ø   Expand your business

By using telemarketing, you can quickly expand your business and increase your sales for there are lots of opportunities that you can create within the industry. It is also a great way to follow up with your existing customers and to keep them interested in new offers and services, which can bring around the potential for additional sales opportunities. As your company customer base expands, your internal sales personnel will likely require dedicating more time and resources to new customer retention further increasing sales revenue. There will be a natural ebb and flow of activities between your services provider and internal sales personnel reflecting your company growth targets and financial resources for expansion.


Ø   Measurable results

In telemarketing, you can analyze, measure and report individual concerns to provide a detailed view of your campaign's success by tackling points of improvement. You can always conclude which methods and techniques are most effective, whether it is about the communication style or other strategic plans. Based on the data provided by your business telemarketing services provider, together with your internal company data, you can adjust your marketing strategies and investments to offer the highest return on investment.

 Telemarketing can be a particularly valuable tool for businesses, in that it saves time and money as compared to personal selling, but offers many of the benefits in terms of direct contact with customers.


Disadvantages of Telemarketing


There can be as many negatives using telemarketing as there are positives.

·          Telemarketing can be resented when calls are made in the evening.

·          Customer list may not always be clean and opted-in so it leaves you with a potential risk of breaking the law.

·          Customer list can be very costly.

·          If you fail, telemarketing with a negative image could damage your business' reputation.

·          Telemarketing has the potential to replace a sales team and it could lead to negative feelings among employees.

·          An outside service provider can result in losing control over your sales processes because the people doing the work aren’t your employees.


Types of telemarketing services

 There are two basic types of telemarketing services: Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Consumer (B2C). B2B is a process for selling products or services to other businesses. B2C is a process for selling products directly to consumers. Both types of telemarketing services have similar goals: build brand awareness, identify potential new customers, convert prospects into customers and retain and nurture existing customers. However, there are distinct differences between the types of telemarketing services as well.








Focus on




Supplier- Manufacturer

Manufacturer- Wholesaler

Wholesaler- Retailer


Retailer- Consumer

Relationship horizon

Long term

Short term

Buying Decision

Planned and Logical, based on needs.

Emotional, based on want and desire


Besides, we also have outbound telemarketing and inbound telemarketing.

·          Outbound telemarketingIn this type of telemarketing, the operator works on a cold prospect list. These types of calls are called cold calling. Because prospects still haven’t got an idea about our product or brand. The role of telemarketers is to raise awareness of a product or service or convince the contact to place an order.

 ·          Inbound telemarketingIn this type of telemarketing, the operator attains incoming calls which make by customers or prospects. This can be achieved through media advertising, social media, email marketing or direct marketing. The role of telemarketers is to move this sales opportunity forward by qualifying the prospect to give information about your product, take an order over the phone and arrange an appointment for the field salesperson to follow up.