In the competitive market, a business that wants to increase revenue and profit, to survive and develop in the market needs to care about customer feelings, satisfy customers and build customer loyalty. Therefore, good customer service is a necessary activity that can turn customer satisfaction into an abundant resource that businesses use as a driving force for strong development.


1. What is customer service?

Customer Service is a service that assists customers in using, discovering, optimizing, and troubleshooting a product or service. The goal of customer service is to foster long-term customer relationships.

Customer service process includes: 

  • Answer calls professionally, provide information about products and services as required by customers;

  • Be in charge of receiving or canceling orders and collecting details of customer complaints;

  • Keep records of customer transactions; detailed records of customer complaints, inquiries, and comments;

  • Identify key tasks to maintain customer satisfaction;

  • Cooperate with other departments in the company to support customers.

Customer service is an art. As the standard of living increases, people's needs also become more advanced and that needs a maximum response to customer requirements. This is the reason why customer service was born and increasingly dominates the market.


2.Why is customer service important in business?

Customer service makes your business stand out from the competition. This will make customers loyal to your brand, products, and services. The same product or service, but your business provides customers with the most interesting and wonderful experiences that will help attract several potential customers, locate your target customers, and market segmentation. Customers will easily switch to competitors as long as they have a bad experience with your business. They are more likely to talk about a bad experience with a brand than a good one – and they say three times more when that happens. Today, with the help of social media, customers can quickly share negative reviews and recommendations with their entire network.

Good customer service is the basis of any business' success. This is a service of customer outreach activities including promotion and branding. Good customer service will lead to a high NPS (Net Promoter Score - a measure of customer satisfaction). NPS will help businesses measure customer loyalty and identify the method to improve service for businesses.

Customers are an abundant resource for businesses to increase brand awareness. From a business perspective, you need to accept personal feelings and ask yourself why customers feel that, thereby getting a solution for the customer's bad experience. That's why businesses need to invest in customer service in the most effective way.

Satisfying customers is always the way to make the business better. Customers essentially expect the best experience from your product or service. In case of problems, they also expect the best customer service. That is one of the reasons behind their loyalty to a business. The more satisfied they are, the more likely they are to continue doing business with your brand. 

3. The core principles of customer service

Quick resolution: Don't delay! Your promptness is also the customer's expectation. When having a problem, quickly find a way to solve the problem, and fulfill the commitment to the customer. Procrastination only makes matters worse. Please answer them as soon as you receive a question in any form such as directly, fax, email, phone…

24/7 support: During working time or outside working hours, support whenever customers have requests. Make an effort to meet customers’ requirements quickly with the most accurate and most effective information.

Helpful and empathetic: Empathy with customers is what a customer service specialist must have, only empathy can listen and understand their wishes. Do not give customers the mentality that they need you because when they decide to choose your business's customer service team, they need someone to listen to their thoughts, opinions, and reflections on the service of the company. Find a way to soothe the customer with gentle, considerate words. No matter how fastidious customers are, they will ignore mistakes if they feel empathy from the business.


4. The skills of customer service staff

Communication skills: This is an extremely important skill that staff must have to be able to communicate with customers. Focus on the content of the problem to understand and be able to give the most accurate and appropriate answer. In addition, the voice should be clear, easy to hear, and moderate in volume.

Persuasion skills: To drum up customers to your company, you need to have some good persuasion skills and experience to make the customer completely satisfied. You must make customers believe that your products or services meet the needs of customers or more.

Problem-solving skills: When facing an awkward or out of control problem, do not mechanically answer customers such as "can", "give us time",... Customers want to solve problems quickly but of course, it must be in their favor, so instead of roundabouts or outright rejection, you should flexibly give them options that benefit them but still ensure your benefits. That is a professional customer care specialist.

Understanding customer psychology: Capturing customer psychology is very difficult, it takes a process of working, learning, and cultivating experience to be sensitive and observant to understand the true desires of customers.

Time management skills: Know how to coordinate your time properly to ensure all your customers are served, don't let them come to you, wait for you but do not receive the best response and most satisfying.


5. SHAREWORK - Provide social media customer care for businesses

SHAREWORK is a customer care service provider whose main goal focuses on enhancing the client experience and protecting brand names, minimizing implicit risks, developing and building customer advocacy in social media. 

SHAREWORK applies 4 strategic tools that fit customers’ needs and wants: 

Social media controlling and monitoring: use the right set of tools to observe your brand, goods, and rivals which allow your firm to be stable on your brand and industry.

Community Moderation: verify user contents and communities for the largest local or international firms, thereby encouraging and recommending customers to choose participation instead of applying censorship.

Response and engagement: choose the solution to proactively participate in the conservation with customers to seize the opportunity by developing detailed instructions based on three main factors: what to say, when to say, and whom to say it.

Insights: support and provide the worth report and data to enhance your social media strategies.

SHAREWORK company has been monitoring conversation proactively which protects brands and builds customer trust as much as possible. Come to SHAREWORK to be provided and experience the best services.