1. Definition of Data Entry

Data Entry is the process of entering data into the system, which can be raw data in hard files or soft files. The staff who implement this duty is called the Data Entry Clerk.

2. Data Entry Clerk - when entering data beyond the amateur concept!

Data Entry Clerk also has a familiar professional name is accounting data entry. They are well trained to enter, manage and store data for websites of companies and businesses. Besides, they are in charge of data of Digital Marketing and mobile apps.

Data Entry Clerk undergoes a period of professional training session to practice entering (text & numbers), checking, comparing, collating and managing data and the requirements for the job are implemented according to a consistent rule. In addition, you need to possess many professional skills to become a professional data entry worker because the requirement for this role is the combination of many different factors such as good health, speed eye and fast right-hand operation with high accuracy and concentration, capability to sit in front of a computer for hours, etc.

3. Data Entry - What are the responsibilities of data entry?

The main duty of a Data Entry Clerk is to work around data information. In general, he/she is in charge of the following:

  • Transfer data from paper format to a computer file or database system by using a keyboard, data recorder or scanner.
  • Enter the data provided directly from the clients.
  • Create spreadsheets with large numbers of figures without error.
  • Verify data by comparing it with the source documents.
  • Update existing data.
  • Retrieve data from databases or electronic files as required.
  • Perform regular backups to ensure data preservation.
  • Arrange papers after data entry to ensure no data is lost.

 4. The skills required for the effective data entry

A Data Entry Clerk needs to have basic knowledge of accounting to read and understand information on invoices and documents. In addition, he/she needs to have the main skills as follows:

Ability of concentration

Data Entry Clerk has to process large amounts of data for hours during working days. Increasing concentration helps stabilize work performance, avoid boredom and serious mistakes when working.

Fast typing speed

Typing speed is still considered as the strong point of a Data Entry Clerk. The average for a good typing speed is typically 48 words / min (WPM). The fast typing speed helps to handle more workload, higher productivity and achieve the KPI set by the company but still ensure the combination of quantity and quality.

Proficiency in the necessary software

All Data Entry Clerks should be proficient in basic software such as office computing, word processing, spreadsheets, databases and other record management software. Their duties are to enter encrypted, statistical and financial information by using the mouse, keyboard, scanner, etc. That’s the reason why computer proficiency is required.

Good communication skill

Why do Data Entry Clerks need great communication skills while they sit in front of a computer screen for hours to encrypt data? They do not work alone. They work with a team. Every Data Entry Clerk must constantly communicate and work together to ensure the performance of their work, so good communication skills in teamwork become one of the essential skills of this job.

5. Types of Data Entry services

The two main types of data entry services are Online Data Entry and Offline Data Entry. The biggest difference between these two types is that online requires the internet while offline does not.

With Offline Data Entry, the BPO companies of the Data Entry Services will typically send the processed files on to the clients or move them to the directory or archive the database. Some tasks include filling out offline forms. Other tasks include digitizing data from paper format to digital format.

Online Data Entry is the process of inserting information while using the Internet. Data entry teams need to process, import, edit and update to the online database. Some of the main forms of online data entry are inserting product information on ecommerce websites, filling in online forms, annotating and tagging online data, tagging images, CRM updates, etc ...

Currently, the form of outsourcing the companies for data entry is increasingly popular in Vietnam, especially Online Data Entry. Professional data entry processes significantly support entrepreneurs to ensure business continuity, save time, money, and provide a highly competitive advantage in the market.

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