Certainly, when hearing the job "Image Processing", most people can not imagine what this job is and a series of questions arise: What do we do with this work? How to do it? What tools for use? Is this job difficult? Does the job require experience or specialization?... This has shown that this is a completely new job in Vietnam, almost the name "Image Processing" is heard for the first time. Therefore, the ability to reach human resources is very low. SHAREWORK will bring people useful information about "Image Processing" to help you have the most specific view. Let's see to our sharing!

1. What is Image processing?

Image processing is a method of converting a video/an image into a digital form and performing some operations to enhance and extract useful information from the original version. This is technology in the field of artificial intelligence and it is evolving rapidly and comes in many forms. 

Simply, the "Image Processing" job is that we will receive simulation videos of a house/building/architecture from customers, using drawing tools to deploy 2D or 3D.

Image processing in SHAREWORK company is drawing floor plans of a building or architecture.

2. 2D/3D Floor plan

"Image processing" can be called 2D/3D floor drawing. Floor plan is a construction drawing that is the best tool that can record the size and structure of that architecture (usually a house) and show the connection between rooms and balconies or other features of that building. Moreover, floor plans will be very useful for designing furniture layouts or wiring.

Benefits of 2D floor drawing:

Provide a simple and general view of the house, visualizing interior details such as door position, furniture, dimensions, walls, interior aisles, ducts, and all rooms. This is a useful and important tool when building a new home.

Benefits of 3D floor drawing:

Provide a comprehensive view, floor plans are more reliable than photographs because they depict the space. Customers don’t need to go to the place directly because this drawing allows them to visualize the floor from all different angles. You can move through space or view 360-degree panoramas. This will attract more customers.

Because drawings can give us a personal view of how the inside of the house is and how it moves through space, the floor plan makes it easy for us to check if this is a suitable place for the purpose. That’s why it has become a valuable tool for real estate companies.

Some elements included in the floor plan:

  • Basic information: scale, size, legend

  • Walls: bearing walls, partitions

  • Ceiling

  • Doors and windows

  • Stairs

  • Furniture: floor plans often contain basic fixtures that mainly install in the kitchen, bathroom, as well as storage, e.g. in a wardrobe or pantry. 

Meaning of some symbols in the drawing


3.Why should you choose Image Processing?

No experience or qualifications or certificates are required with the job: everyone has the opportunity to participate in this work.

Flexible working time: working full-time/part-time, day/night shift or at any time you are free, as long as the deadlines are met. Because of the flexible time, the job is suitable for students who want to find a part-time job for themselves in their free time and at the same time can accumulate personal experience for future work.

Working at the company office or remotely: because of this type of work, this job can be recruited nationwide, in any region of Vietnam, and have the opportunity to contact, work with people in all regions without fear of distance.

Attractive income: this is a job that will help everyone have a stable and good income if you proceed with more and more floorplans, meet deadlines and quality as well as make effort in working to bring benefits for the company. The better the capacity, the more you will surely receive a salary commensurate with your work performance.

Opportunity to learn and participate in a new job in Vietnam: SHAREWORK will provide software tools as well as specific working instructions for you during the training period.

4.What does an Image processing staff need?

Is it difficult to do this job? - this is the question that SHAREWORK gets the most when discussing with candidates and our answer is NO. SHAREWORK is looking for candidates who only need to meet a few requirements:

  • Hard-working and persistent with work;

  • Detail-oriented person;

  • Highly responsible; ensure the work schedule and deadlines;

Normally, the time to complete a floor for beginners can be from 30 minutes to 1 hour, but if you are more proficient through the tests, the ability to draw quickly and accurately can be shortened to 15 minutes per floor.

The job does not require experience, you only need to prepare a computer or laptop with a stable Internet connection to join, then you have the opportunity to become a member of SHAREWORK. During the Covid-19 epidemic, don't worry about training, because all SHAREWORK’s training sessions are carefully prepared and planned for online training. Be relaxed, happy, excited about the work, let SHAREWORK take care of your work!

5. Image processing - the magnet of human resources in the future

Modern and innovative life requires us to know how to transform and meet all needs to survive and lead in the fiercely competitive business market. Especially in the current Covid-19 period, the higher the unemployment rate, the greater the need to find work and work from home. Interesting and engaging work with simple and easy requirements to meet, there's no reason why we shouldn't try working.  

Moreover, this is a job that real estate companies or leasing/selling companies outsourcing to serve their projects. Homebuyers want to buy a home quickly, efficiently, and with the best results. They always want the most realistic and specific drawing of the house from which to decide whether to buy this house or not. That's why this job holds a huge potential for future growth. Abundant and high quality human resources are bright spots to bring opportunities to “enrich” the position of Image Processing.

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