Japan - Strategic destination - Opportunity for Vietnamese businesses to develop software for the automotive industry despite the COVID-19 pandemic

Japan - Strategic destination - Opportunity for Vietnamese businesses to develop software for the automotive industry despite the COVID-19 pandemic

1. Why is Auto-Embedded Systems a development trend today?

The automotive industry has developed rapidly and will grow even faster under the influence of a number of factors such as pressure from legal regulations (on emissions, environment), pressure from customers, health pressure on technological progress (both hardware and software aspects). There has been a major shift in the development of electronic control systems due to the problem associated with air pollution. Users demand vehicles with higher performance (lower fuel consumption), comfort and safety. And only technological advancements and breakthroughs can address and fulfill these requirements.

Electronic technology has come a long way and today the quality of electronic components, including performance, durability and reliability, has allowed us to use them even in critical systems. . At the same time, the decreasing cost of electronic technology allows them to be used to operate any function in a car. In addition, a number of automotive embedded networks such as LIN, CAN, TTP/C, FlexRay have been developed in the last decade, its main advantage is greatly reducing the cost of interconnection wiring, connectivity and increased flexibility. Moreover, these technologies can perform functions that would be costly or even impossible to do using only mechanical or hydraulic technology, thus, being able to meet the requirements of the user. end-user in terms of safety, comfort and cost, such as anti-lock braking system (ABS), electronic stability program (ESP), active suspension,... Technology that enables customers to buy a vehicle that is safe, efficient, and can be personalized to better suit them. 


2. Opportunity to work on automotive embedded systems in Vietnam

In Vietnam today, when it comes to cars, it is impossible not to mention VINFAST, the leading company in manufacturing automobiles with Vietnamese brands. VINFAST's ambition is to lead Vietnamese people to master their automotive technology. Although currently not self-produced, VINFAST has research institutes on integrated automotive systems with many Western experts and good Vietnamese engineers. Electric cars are not merely a mechanical industry, but a high-tech industry that can help elevate Vietnam's position in the international arena. 

Currently, the Automotive Embedded industry in Vietnam is having a lot of opportunities and is also in dire need of human resources including programmers, software testers or bridge engineers. And Japan is the ideal market for cooperation and speculation for larger and more demanding projects. However, Vietnam is currently facing a big challenge, which is human resources for the software market in general and embedded system software in particular. To develop the embedded system software industry to a new level such as being able to manufacture, apply and export embedded software in Vietnam, the first thing is to focus on developing the research and development (R&D). However, these programs still have many limitations and do not have a common strategic direction. Vietnam needs to further promote the research and development orientation of the embedded systems industry for universities and research centers, as well as equip young students with general knowledge in this field, to meet the increasing demands of employers. In the future, if Vietnam wants to improve its competitiveness with other large software outsourcing countries such as China, India, etc., it must focus on solving the problem of improving the efficiency of human resources.


3. SHAREWORK - achievements in 2021 in the Japanese market

In 2021, SHAREWORK has boldly invested and developed the field of embedded software technology and software for the automotive industry. These are industries that are growing globally, especially the Japanese market. SHAREWORK accompanies with solution providers for the automotive industry from Germany and India to jointly develop software in the Japanese market, with an overall approach strategy from providing qualified human resources, supporting partners to translate technical documents to providing highly qualified human resources in Vietnam and Japan, this is a comprehensive cooperation approach, from outsourcing (BPO) to the embedded software solution service. Currently to serve signed projects, SHAREWORK plans to recruit at least 50 embedded technology and AUTOSAR engineers in 2022. To do this, not only focus on recruitment, but SHAREWORK also cooperate with universities to update knowledge as well as create internship opportunities in reality projects for students at SHAREWORK.


4. The potential of Vietnamese businesses to reach out to Japan and the world

The COVID pandemic brings many challenges to the Vietnamese business community. But it also opens up opportunities, especially in booming new industries such as electric vehicle technology, self-driving cars and artificial intelligence. Vietnam's human resources are abundant and well-trained, so they can access and learn technology quickly. With the advantage of low cost, Vietnamese enterprises still prioritize competition with low prices. This advantage will be difficult to maintain in the long term, but it needs to be directed to the ability to receive large projects with higher complexity, participating in difficult stages such as architecture and design. Only then can large projects and high unit prices be received. However, the limitations of Vietnamese human resources are still many, the biggest difficulty is the language barrier, which does not meet the criteria of enterprises. The second issue that Vietnamese businesses need to do better is to build a Vietnamese business ecosystem to work together. This model in Japan is very popular, leading technology companies all have their own ecosystem of companies from large to small, following different specialties symbiotically and thereby developing the whole industry. Vietnamese businesses currently only cooperate with each other on specific projects without a long-term cooperation strategy, and lack of leading ecosystem leaders.

SHAREWORK catches up with the trend and is gradually delving into projects related to embedded systems and the automotive technology industry. With the goal of targeting the Japanese market and developing embedded software, software for the automotive technology field, we are confident in our knowledge, ability and expertise to be able to train a team of industry professionals and participate in large related projects. In the future, in order to work with European, American and broader countries to be able to bring embedded software to develop on a worldwide scale, SHAREWORK is and will invest in abundant human resources, Experienced with a talented leadership team. If you want to develop your thinking and ability on embedded software development, come to SHAREWORK so you can learn and directly participate in the company's real projects!

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