The Horasis India Economic Cooperation Forum 2022, jointly organized by the Provincial People's Committee, Horasis Organization, Confederation of Indian Industry, Becamex IDC Corporation and Vietnam - Singapore Industrial Park Joint Venture Company (VSIP) took place. from September 25, 2022 to September 27, 2022 at Binh Duong Convention and Exhibition Center.

The forum was organized in the form of a world economic forum with 6 plenary sessions, 26 parallel sessions of dialogue and discussion with the participation of world leading speakers.

The gathering provided a special platform for businesses from developing and developed markets to globalize their organization by inviting over 300 of the most senior members of the Horasis community to join together to debate and inspire our future. The utilization of Vietnam as a hub for growth into Southeast Asia will play a crucial role in linking India with other regions of the country, and delegates from India and outside will discuss this strategy. Asia. Senior Vietnamese and Indian lawmakers as well as other prominent personalities will attend such events. 

The session will also discuss future government policies and their impact on investors and trading partners, especially those from India.




At the Horasis 2022 India Economic Cooperation Forum on September 26, Ms. Quyen Nguyen - Founder/CEO SHAREWORK and also Vice Chairman of VNITO Alliance, participated as Host on a very hot topic about cooperation with India to develop digital businesses: “Nurture: Nurture Nurturing Digitalized High-Value Added Firms with leading industry experts from India, Philippines and Vietnam.


The ambition of the Indian and Vietnamese governments to become "Digital First," innovations in IoT, Industry 4.0, and the advantages of deploying 5G and 6G, as well as anticipated joint cooperation initiatives between the two nations in the near future, are only a few of the primary themes.

The Deputy Minister of Information and Communications discussed the plan for growing Vietnam's digital technology sector to 2025, Goal to 2030, with the vision that "Vietnam is the hub linking India with other nations in the Asian region." Continue to promote "Made in Vietnam" technology goods with the goal of transforming Vietnam into a technologically advanced nation, generating products not only for the home market but also for the global market. Vietnamese businesses need to identify human and economic potential early to grasp the trend and be on the right track with that vision.


The inbuilt aim of the government of India and Vietnam is to be "Digital First". This will drive innovation into IoT, industry 4.0 and the benefits of using 5G and 6G. We have many questions raised after the sessions.

1. What is needed to accelerate developments? Can joint programmes be envisaged between each nation?

The necessary prerequisite to accelerate development in Vietnam is the support and promotion from Government agencies and localities in the implementation of the National Strategy for Development of the Digital Economy and Digital Society. This has been and is happening.

The localities promulgate and promote the implementation of the Plan to support small and medium-sized enterprises in college and the Plan to support enterprises to assess and determine the level of enterprise support according to the guidance issued by the Ministry of Information and Communications.

Localities actively coordinate with enterprises to develop e-commerce platforms and national digital address platforms to promote the implementation of plans to support agricultural production households on the e-commerce floor as well as development and application plans. digital address platform associated with local digital maps.

"According to data from the Ministry of Information and Communications, the proportion of added value of the digital economy in GDP by the end of the first 6 months is estimated at 10.41%. This proportion in 2021 is estimated at 9.6%. The target set by 2025 is 20%."

Also in the first 6 months of the year, 01/22 ministries, branches, and 16/63 localities have issued action plans to implement the National Strategy for digital economy and digital society development to 2025, with orientation to 2020. 2030; 23/63 localities have issued action plans to promote non-cash payments in educational and medical institutions; 28/63 localities have issued action plans to promote small and medium enterprises digital transformation.

The number of digital technology enterprises is estimated at 67,300 enterprises, an increase of nearly 3,500 enterprises compared to December 2021, reaching the rate of 0.69 enterprises per 1,000 people.

It is expected that many networking programs will be implemented in countries, under the support of world economic forums.

2. Which sectors would offer most returns? And most social and diversity benefits?

The most profitable industry is the e-commerce industry. According to statistics, the number of digital technology enterprises is estimated at 67,300 enterprises, an increase of nearly 3,500 enterprises compared to December 2021, reaching the rate of 0.69 enterprises per 1,000 people.

According to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Ministry has built a system to manage and resolve online complaints, complaints and disputes in e-commerce. In the first 6 months of 2022, the system received documents, advised and supported 3,391 businesses and 1,159 individuals to register for an account, carried out notification procedures for 4,680 e-commerce websites and 313 websites providing real e-commerce services. show registration procedure. In the first 6 months of 2022, the Ministry received and processed 122,000 complaints on the e-commerce management portal.

In terms of social benefits and convenience, the industry related to non-cash payment must be mentioned. Digital payment platforms lead in terms of average monthly growth rate of regular users compared to the same period last year. Vietcombank increased by 24.17%, reaching 12.42 million regular users; MB Bank increased by 79.03%, reaching 10.21 million regular users; BIDV Mobile increased by 71.48%, reaching 9.22 million regular users; Zalo Pay increased by 35.11%, reaching 6.88 million regular users.



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