"Female Pioneer in Computer Science" Quyen Nguyen has been honored with the Top 50 Typical Vietnamese Business Leaders in 2020

"Female Pioneer in Computer Science" Quyen Nguyen has been honored with the Top 50 Typical Vietnamese Business Leaders in 2020

Graduated in Economics and Foreign Languages, the idea that "Female Pioneer in Computer Science" Quyen Nguyen will be attached to the role of an educational or diplomatic activist with a major in English or work in a related field economy, however, with her passion, perseverance, exploration and growing aspirations, she decided to choose and fall in love with technology.

Ms. Quyen Nguyen - Founder / CEO of Sharework Technology Company, Vice President of Vietnam Information Technology Outsourcing Alliance (VNITO Alliance), Member of Women Leaders International Networking (WLIN) Lotus Club.

Starting from professional positions in the field of software development at large foreign information technology corporations, Quyen Nguyen has the opportunities to participate in advanced training courses on expertise and working culture in different countries. By absorbing scientific and technical advances from other countries through business trips, she cherished her desire to bring Vietnam's information technology industry to the world.

When the passion is big enough, we begin to act and Quyen Nguyen is no exception. Once she has accumulated enough experience and resources, she is determined to set up a business to realize her passion. Quyen Nguyen is a familiar face in the technology field as Founder/CEO of Sharework Technology Company, specialized in providing software technology solutions for CRM, Voicebot AI, Chatbot AI to increase interaction with customers, E-commerce, timekeeping software with facial recognition and digital conversion solutions and its head quarter is located at 55-57 Bau Cat 4 Street, Ward 14, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City.

In 2018, when Sharework was first established, the entire company had only 4 members. But after only two years, with the continuous efforts, Sharework's staff has spread from North to South with nearly 100 employees and hundreds of collaborators. The company has also been participating in international projects. Besides, Sharework has just opened a branch in Mekong Innovation Technology Park, My Tho City, Tien Giang on November 2, 2020 and is expected to create 100-200 full-time and part-time jobs in the office in the first quarter of 2021.

From professional jobs to senior management, what Quyen Nguyen always loves most is learning the dedication and caution in the work of colleagues at different companies. Her point of view to achieve success is a combination of passion, determination, experience and expertise, so she sets the orientation for all Sharework employees that who you are, wherever you are, you can participate in the company's international projects. Sharework brings jobs to employees and brings Vietnam's IT industry to the world.

Not only holding an executive role at Sharework, Quyen Nguyen is also known for many roles and positions such as the Board of Directors of Vietnam Japan Corporation Club (VJC Club - Vinasa). From the beginning of 2014 up to now, she has been holding the position of Vice President of Vietnam Information Technology Outsourcing Alliance. Up to now, the VNITO Alliance has reached more than 150 partners and member enterprises in the Information Technology sector and regularly has exchange programs between Vietnamese enterprises. and Japan. "We have also established VNITO Japan company in Fukuoka city to support Vietnam - Japan trade" - said Quyen Nguyen.

In addition to his business management roles, Quyen Nguyen is also an active member of WLIN Lotus Club. Thanks to her energy and enthusiasm for working at the club, she excellently entered the top nomination to be honored in the Top 50 Vietnam Business Leadership Award in 2020 by the Women Leaders International Network - WLIN voted under the direction of the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce & Industry - VCCI.

She shared: “Receiving the award of Top 50 Vietnam Typical Business Women Leadership 2020, I'm so surprised and too great a reward. It is also an opportunity for me to exchange and learn with the elite female leaders from all over Vietnam. The award serves as a motivation for me to work harder and harder to deserve this title".

The Top 50 Typical Vietnamese Business Women Leadership 2020 is a milestone for the hard work and success of the female pioneer Quyen Nguyen. Believe that, in the coming time, she will make new contributions and Sharework will truly be a prominent name bringing quality products in technology.

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