Meeting Online of WLIN Global: Revealing useful and necessary information for Business Owners with the topic "Applying Digital Technology in Business"

Meeting Online of WLIN Global: Revealing useful and necessary information for Business Owners with the topic "Applying Digital Technology in Business"

In the trend of global integration, businesses cannot keep the desk-based, labor-intensive and time-consuming processes forever. Understanding what digital technology is and the benefits it brings will help businesses change their views, urge changes to bring about the best results.  , Online meeting topic "  Applying Digital Technology in businesses"

For Women Leaders International Network --WLIN, founded by World runner-up Thu Huong, over the past 8 years, she has worked with female leaders to exchange business connections, build personal brands and together to create values ​​for the community.

In this pandemic situation, in order to maintain the club's activities and keep the members connected, WLIN has organized. In WLIN's weekly Business Lunch, the clubs will have practical topics about life and business so that club members can gain more knowledge and skills for themselves. Zoom sessions for members and guests to interact with each other.

Industry 4.0 is happening fast and strongly in all aspects of economic and social life. In that revolution, the phrase "Digital transformation" was mentioned more as a must-have trend to succeed for many businesses, but to apply and achieve the best effect, It is still difficult to achieve the best results. Is a very new and difficult thing for many businesses, especially for female business owners. And the theme of WLIN Global's meeting  "Applying Digital Technology in Business"  has brought a lot of real value to the Female Leaders and invited guests.

The Zoom Meeting was successfully held with many practical sharings from the guests


Ms Cao Nga – President of WLIN PEARL led the sharing session with practical comments: “In 2020 and 2021, we have had to go through 4 waves of Covid, all activities related to daily life and business. All businesses are turned upside down, from meetings and working at the company, we have to switch to working from home, it is because of the Covid epidemic that "Digital Transformation" appeared to help us work from home, manage public content. meetings, online meetings to exchange and negotiate work with each other over the Internet without interruption.

We all know that digital transformation and application of digital technology in the time of Covid 19 are extremely important to help businesses have sustainable development in the future and make a very important transformation. "

Ms. Cao Thi Thanh Nga – President of VIT Group


Digital transformation has created new values, giving birth to digital technology business models. To make it easier to understand, this is a form of online business --all transactions take place on the Internet environment and do not require direct contact between people at the point of sale. Currently, the most used online business channels are Facebook, Shopee, Tiki, Sendo, Lazada, Website, ....

When understanding what digital technology is and its benefits, businesses will have a serious look at the importance of digital transformation in marketing and sales activities in the new era.

Digital transformation is both an opportunity and a challenge for businesses  , with this statement, Ms. Quyen Nguyen --President of WLIN PLUS --CEO of Sharework Company shared: “I don't see digital transformation as difficult but see it. It's a challenge to overcome. Covid has changed the way of doing business and operations of many industries, some old business forms are no longer effective, the need for online business and online sales in the digital economy has become an all-time trend. Weak. The Industrial Revolution 4.0 has entered its explosive phase and the digital transformation ship is accelerating. If businesses do not change, they will be slowed down with the general trend. Covid has created a major turning point in humanity's perception of the digital economy. "

Ms. Nguyen Thi Kieu Quyen – CEO & Co – Founder of ShareWork Technology Joint Stock Company


Mr. Dinh Van Loc – General Director of ONNET Group, BSIN Partner added the following comments: “Digital transformation is not only a tool, but it is also a strategy, a business model, human resources and techniques. Technology only accounts for 50% Digital transformation is not too difficult, the most important thing is that we must have a good mindset in terms of awareness, determine the purpose, what we need in this moment, if not change, follow the traditional way. system, business will die ”.

Digital business is an inevitable trend in the new era. Every business needs to be open, innovative and apply technology products in management and operation to bring the best profit  . With this opinion, as an advantage for businesses with technology solutions in terms of processes and management, Sharework Company is run by Ms. Quyen Nguyen, she shared: “Sharework – with technology solutions, we will help businesses find the right model for digital transformation; And with ShareWork's Vision and Mission: Technology must drive the economy, create opportunities to improve lives, we want to be able to accompany the businesses of female leaders to change. Following the current trend, optimizing human resources and bringing business and operational efficiency to enterprises. ”

Mr Dinh Van Loc – Chairman of ONNET Group


The solution that Mr. Dinh Van Loc offered to businesses in an online meeting, he shared more about the fact that technology accounts for 50%, the remaining 50% is business thinking: “Enterprises need to build a business model., Training and customer care; Train employees in basic knowledge, build a personal brand for each employee so that they become the true representatives of the company, turn customers into really loyal customers, accompany with them. Enterprise.

And when businesses need digital transformation, need real digital tools to develop their business to retain customers, an advice for businesses is that instead of investing a large amount of money to build public applications. Technology for businesses, businesses can take advantage of external resources, associate with technology companies, develop together and share over a percentage of profits, when the agreement is satisfactory, technology companies will become companions to grow together with businesses, and OnNet Group has become a companion of many businesses in retaining customers and developing business effectively. ”

Mr. Dinh Van Loc also shared: “Digital assets in this era include: App, software, customers, brand, business owner's brand name. Products change so quickly that the brand name of the business owner plays a very important role, so that is also one of the reasons why I became a Partner of the BSIN Business Style Network. ”

The sharing of the two speakers lasted for 45 minutes and brought a lot of useful information to the female leaders and attendees on issues related to argument transformation in the business. The digital transformation journey is an inevitable trend, which can be a long step in the overall development of units and organizations, but it is also a long journey with countless challenges. To be successful on that transformation journey, units and organizations need to prepare well and after the online meeting, the solutions that ONNET Company and Sharework company bring to business owners.


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