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The dream comes true

Starting working in software development for a big foreign technology corporation in 2004, Ms. Quyen Nguyen has cherished bringing Vietnam's information technology   industry to the world. Having enough experience and resources to realize her dream, in 2018, she established SHAREWORK Technology Company, with only four members. Within three years, with her and her associates' constant efforts, SHAREWORK has grown enormously, with a staff of up to 100 people and hundreds of domestic and foreign collaborators (10 Ugandan and Japanese employees).


Ms. Quyen Nguyen shared, "Conscientiousness, Passion, Determination, Experience and good expertise are indispensable factors for anyone to succeed in any field. Her philosophy has ignited and oriented passion for her employees on the journey of dedication to the company and personal  development. The consistency and  consensus  of  leaders and employees have brought SHAREWORK (headquartered in Ho Chi Minh City and Branch in Mekong Innovation Technology Park) to thrive, becoming one of the leading companies providing information technology/ BPO services, digital solutions and digital transformation solutions for businesses. Currently, the company is supplying AI digitization solutions for departments according to the national digitization and digital transformation roadmap, providing time and attendance software by facial recognition and embedded software solutions for the self-driving electric vehicle industry. In addition, SHAREWORK also provides global HR solutions, multilingual resources for international customers, and supports high- quality recruitment for businesses and large partners in Vietnam, Japan, the US, Europe and many other Asian countries.


Especially  with  the  desire  to  contribute to Vietnam's economic development and social security situation,   SHAREWORK has been gradually building and completing the medical examination and treatment management software ecosystem serving the healthcare industry. In the executive position at SHAREWORK, Ms. Quyen Nguyen also holds many other  roles,  such  as  a  member of the Board of Directors of Vietnam Japan Corporation Club (VJC Club – VINASA), Vice President of the Vietnam Digital Technology Alliance (VNITO Alliance)). Currently, VNITO Alliance has more than 150 member enterprises, regularly having trade exchange programs between Vietnamese and Japanese businesses. "We established VNITO Japan Company in Fukuoka City to support Vietnam

- Japan trade" - Ms. Quyen Nguyen shared. Up to now, SHAREWORK's customers and partners are from many countries such as Laos, Japan, the US, Uganda, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, India, etc.

For gender equality and women's advancement

In Vietnam, even in many other countries, computer science is also considered men's exclusive domain. According to one study, the proportion of women in the technology industry is still "mere" compared to men, even in advanced feminist countries. Women make up only 30% of the 11 biggest technology companies globally. 


As a "Technology Female General", besides her professional expertise, Ms. Quyen Nguyen has always enthusiastically advocated for women's empowerment and professional development in the workplace. With business experience and technology knowledge, she has also been invited to be a lecturer, speaker at many universities and several programs and forums about Women's start-ups on digital platforms. She also often shares her views and experiences, sending to the startup women community through extremely positive messages such as: to be successful, women in the digital age must be those who are not afraid to fail, dare to decide and dare to commit even though there are always many opportunities or challenges ahead. At the talk "Women starting a business on  the  digital  platform  -  Opportunities and Challenges", under the framework  of the Women's Digital Entrepreneurship Forum, in April 2021, when asked about women's struggle in digital transformation and digitization of work, their weakness..., Quyen Nguyen said she was always proud to introduce to international friends  about the role, position and percentage of women participating in technology projects in Vietnam, as well as in her company, because in working and exchanging, she always creates an environment for women to develop. The fact that more than 50% of SHAREWORK's employees are women (the number of women in leadership positions is nearly 70%) proved her point.


 Not only succeeding in business, Quyen Nguyen always takes the community's interests as a premise and  performs corporate social responsibility. She and SHAREWORK always join  the  community in many volunteering activities, supporting disaster/covid-19-affected localities, giving Tet gifts to disadvantaged families and meritorious persons, providing scholarships to poor students... contributing to ensuring social security. With the imprints that have driven the SHAREWORK ship to move forwards, contributing to Vietnam's strong international integration in the information technology industry with the national digital transformation program by 2025, at  the same time with the mission to create more job opportunities to improve people's lives, Ms. Quyen Nguyen and all SHAREWORK staff, with great determination, overcame challenges caused by the Covid-19. Her familiar saying is "Success from overcoming difficulties is sustainable success." She was honored with Top 50 Typical Female Leaders of Vietnamese Enterprises in 2020 - One of the noble awards for female leaders with outstanding contributions to the economy and the community for women's advancement in the new era.

Source: "The world and Vietnam Report"

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New Event

SHAREWORK is exhibiting at the 2nd Japan IT Week Nagoya!

Chubu's largest IT exhibition "2nd Japan IT Week Nagoya Software & App Development Exhibition EXPO" started today at 10 o'clock on Wednesday, July 27, 2021 at Port Messe Nagoya.