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SHAREWORK is exhibiting at the 2nd Japan IT Week Nagoya!

SHAREWORK is exhibiting at the 2nd Japan IT Week Nagoya!

SHAREWORK is exhibiting at the "2nd Japan IT Week Nagoya" to be held at Port Messe Nagoya on July 27th (Wednesday), 28th (Thursday) and 29th (Friday), 2022.

The contents of this exhibition are as follows.

SHAREWORK is the company that provides software development and BPO services specializing in global embedded development in Vietnam.
Currently, there are 200 development engineers in Ho Chi Minh City, and there is a BPO center at the Mekong IT Park branch in Mekong Delta, My Tho City, Tien Giang.
In terms of quality and information security, we have obtained ISMS (ISO 27001) certification and have been selected as Leading IT Services / BPO Companies in Vietnam.
The supported languages ​​are Japanese / English / Chinese / Korean, and we have more than 18 years of development experience in the leadership team and have a track record of developing many Japanese projects.
It is possible to set up a dedicated team for Japanese customers and prepare a dedicated space and VPN line at our office.

We provide the following development teams for offshore development / lab-type development / on-site.

① Embedded software development
* Automotive (Autosar / C, C ++, etc.)
* Home Appliance (Android C ++ / Qt, QML, etc.)

② SAP business
* SAP engineer dispatch service
* SAP consultant
* BA / PMO support

③ BPO service business
* 2D / 3D image processing
* Custom support / contact center (logistics / supply chain)
* Language support service (English ⇄ Japanese, Vietnamese ⇄ Japanese, English ⇄ Chinese, Vietnam ⇄ Chinese)
* Data entry, Power CMS data conversion
* CAD service / mechanical engineer dispatch service
* Design engineer dispatch service
* Factory QC / Inspector dispatch service

④ Production design business
* Mobile app design / web production / design
* Illustration creation
* Product design, branding design

⑤ General software development business
* Mobile system development (app side / server side)
* Various business system / application development (Java / .net / PHP / Ruby, etc.)
* System development for various industries (medical, in-vehicle, etc.)

We propose solutions that can be effectively used at various sites.
Please drop in at the SHAREWORK booth at "3rd Exhibition Hall 7-33" and experience it.
We look forward to your visit.

Exhibition overview
[Name] 2nd Japan IT Week Nagoya "Software & App Development Exhibition"
[Session] July 27th (Wednesday) -29th (Friday), 2022 10: 00-17: 00
[Venue] Port Messe Nagoya
* SHARE WORK booth is "7-33"
[Details] Japan IT Week Nagoya