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SHAREWORK - Sharing & Working Together

SHAREWORK - Sharing & Working Together


Polo Shirt, Turban, and Mug

One more Bag, and we’re ready to go up

✨ Wishing to have uniformity and professionalism in work, SHAREWORK launches a set of publications "Sharing & Working Together" including 4 products: Polo Shirt, Turban, Bag and Mug. 

💙 Polo Shirt - SHARE: The blue color resembles the simple, elegant logo of the shirt.

💚 Turban - SHINE: A tie with sparking lines is an indispensable accessory to create a Beautiful - Luxurious - Excellent outfit for SHAREWORK members. Meeting with confidence, proud to be SHAREWORK.

💛 Bag - SPIRIT: With the hope of "Sending trust", SHAREWORK wishes to bring inspiration close to everyone.

Mug - SPARK: This mug will join you in your tea break events, unleash your creativity, and start interesting projects with SHAREWORK.

🌈 This set of publications "Sharing & Working Together" carries the message: "Each individual working at SHAREWORK will always have mutual support and sharing from everybody". Based on this spirit, SHAREWORK hopes that through this publications, we will always try to overcome all difficulties and challenges.


New Event

SHAREWORK is exhibiting at the 2nd Japan IT Week Nagoya!

Chubu's largest IT exhibition "2nd Japan IT Week Nagoya Software & App Development Exhibition EXPO" started today at 10 o'clock on Wednesday, July 27, 2021 at Port Messe Nagoya.