Startup is a strong shifting trend in business fields, especially technology. Young people who are always full of ideas, enthusiasm, passion, ability and supported by the power of technology. The 4.0 technology era will bring a lot of advantages to startups. Starting a business is not easy, there are successes and failures, but after failures, it is possible to draw lessons for their startup businesses, increasingly expanding, improving and developing in the market.


To transfer energy, experience and knowledge about startups, on July 24, Ms. Quyen Nguyen had the opportunity to share her business path with students of Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology (HUTECH) who are interested in startups through the online seminar “Startup - Experience of the Forerunners".


The seminar was co-organized by HUTECH Student Affairs Department, HUTECH Faculty of Information Technology and Vietnam Digital Technology Alliance (VNITO). Taking on the role of speaker at the seminar is Ms. Quyen Nguyen - Founder and CEO of SHAREWORK Corporation, Vice President of VNITO; Ms. Quyen Ton - Founder and CEO of BLUSaigon Co. Ltd; Mr. Tai Huynh - Founder and CEO of Kyanon Digital, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Advosights. Besides, the seminar also had the attendance of Mr. Ngo Van Toan - Vice Chairman of VNITO, Deputy General Director of FUVi Cognitive Technology Joint Stock Company. The seminar took place successfully with many interesting sharing about startup stories, effective success secrets, which helped students understand clearly about the planning of startup projects, and then build and nurture inspiration to achieve success and profits for your business, especially technology start-up projects with the desire to become a Vietnamese "unicorn".


Ms. Nguyen Thi Kieu Quyen – Founder & CEO SHAREWORK Corporation.

Top 50 typical female leaders of Vietnamese enterprises in 2020.


Ms. Quyen Nguyen opened the seminar with a very interesting sharing about her working process. Within 12 years, she has had the opportunity to work in international enterprises and in different positions such as: software development project manager, business development manager,... She has accumulated experience and identified the needs of the market about technology. Therefore, in 2016, she decided to start her own business. Startup has two main stages: the idea stage and the implementation stage. The key points that need to consider when starting operating business are:

  • Business team;

  • Finance;

  • The right time to start a business;

  • Market factors.


Startup businesses should have an international vision, expand their thinking and market, then that brings their own advantages to the founders. If your startup idea is to serve a business community, you must determine that there is a user community, the founders have to orientate business and have all the elements: passion, determination, experience and expertise in the work.


Mr. Tai Huynh - Founder & CEO Kyanon Digital

Founder of many outstanding technology projects


Mr. Tai Huynh started his career as a lecturer at a university, his expertise is only in engineering and programming, while other factors related to finance, law and policy, economics,... he doesn't have much knowledge or even he doesn't know how to run a business effectively. Experiencing many difficulties and failures to the point of having to close the business, but the "flame" of his passion for startup has never been extinguished. Valuable lessons have been brought by Mr. Tai Huynh are now very successful.


Ms. Quyen Ton - CEO & Founder of BLUSaigon Co. Ltd


Ms. Quyen Ton is an international student in the US, she returned to Vietnam to start her startup career in 2011. She shared: “I have failed a lot because of my subjectivity”. By 2018, she started rebuilding her own business, specializing in processing from seashells and pearl shells to create products such as pens, lamps, jewelry,... She wanted to bring her products to the world market and from there the BLUSaigon brand was born. She emphasized: “To be successful, do not give up.”


The online seminar took place successfully with the participation of many students exchanging and asking questions to the speakers. Startup is a process of researching, learning, working and accumulating experience. The useful sharing of the speakers will definitely help students and those who intend to start a business to know how to prepare a new path full of difficulties and challenges called “Startup”.


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