February 20, 2022

- Job Type: Part-time

- Work Location: Tan Binh Dist, HCMC

- Language: English

- Job Description: 

  • Teach English for members of the company
  • Prepare materials and activities for learning lessons
  • Help students improve 4 skills, especial speaking
  • Assign homework and interesting exercises
  • Identify student with special requirements and create individualized plans
  • Determine exam and assignment grades

- Job Requirements:

  • Be an Expat teacher
  • Have experience as an English teacher
  • Knowledge of various teaching methods
  • Deep understanding of the national curriculum and English language requirements
  • Exceptional organizational and communication skills
  • A patient and resilient personality
  • Dedication to students and education
  • Knowlwdge/experience in IT field is a plus.