March 8, 2021

Job Description:

1. User Support:

- Point of contact for all desktop and laptop support

- Point of contact for staff collection of new and replacement hardware

- Set up and manage hardware following established policies and procedures

- Respond to and log calls, escalating issues as required with Vendors and/ or WMP Melbourne

- Provide AV support and Teleconferencing support

- Preventive maintenance services on the equipment

- Other IT service - related task that may be required from time to time

2. Technical Support:

OS Support

- Windows/Mac OS

- Android/iOS

Software Support

- G - Suite

- Office

- AV and Teleconferencing

- Related applications

Location Support 

- Video conferencing

- Printing

- RAID-Systems

- Internet/Wifi connectivity

- Security systems

3. Service Level Requirements:


- 5 days per week: X am to X pm

- Dedicated helpdesk

- Online/ Remote assistance (first response)


- Guaranteed response time for requests (within X hours)

- Escalated on-site service in case for incidents (within X hours)

Job Requirements:

- Good at English, 95% are working with foreign customers

- Proactive, good attitude

- Workplace: ShareWork Company

- Onsite 1time per week or when problems happened and need to solve directly

- Working time: from 8:30am to 17:30pm

- Support any tasks out of working time from time to time