IT services

With Abundant and Professional IT resources, passion for learning, .. We provide various IT service depend on customers requirements.

Software Development:

- Develop mobile applications, web applications.

- Develop new functions based on existing applications.

- Maintain and upgrade based on existing products to be compatible with the latest technology, platforms and devices.


- Create test documents based on product information, environment, items to be tested, schedule, scope, risks, product performance, etc.

- Excute test is based on the created test document. Through the test process, the bugs are detected and fixed.

IT Helpdesk:

- Support customers via online or onsite to the location of the customer.

- Manage server system, hosting and domain.

- Manage hardware system, computer, network and office equipments.

- Support employees in the company and customers to use the website and software.

IT Onsite Service:

- Dispatch employees to work in the customer's office.

- Coporates with customers by dispatch employees to work at customer office or work online by use communication application.

- Base on requirements of customers, we will supply corresponding resouces.



Automating the act of thinking like a human is no longer a difficult thing.

We provide a human to integrate with AI/ Machine Learning and Automation. It helps to scale the workforce that makes it more suitable for improving the technology.

In the form of AI / Machine Learning / Automation, you can do everything you want easily through a device or machine with faster processing speed, scale, automation, science than we do many times.

Advantages of AI / Machine Learning / Automation:

Cost Reduction: It helps to automate both brainstorming tasks, helping to save valuable time for other important tasks.

Increase productivity: Still the same job but you can do more. Make breakthroughs: allow people to overcome blind spots, do things seem to be impossible.



Digitization / Research / Analysis is a service that converts traditional forms of data and documents such as manuscripts, paper-based prints, images, sound, films, full-text data in a variety of formats such as text or image and is stored on a computer.

Advantages of Digitization / Research / Analysis

- Narrow the document storage space

- Avoid losing, crushing documents over time

- Archive, manage documents forever

- Reduce search time

- Share information quickly

- Enhance information security

- Improve work efficiency by gathering information quickly and in a timely manner.

- Low operating and management costs and efficiency.



Voice is a service that converts speech into text or vice versa. Dealing with voice as a form of data information will optimize your business as well as the many benefits of the information it brings. In addition, call is also one of the major services of voice.

In addition, Inbound / Outbound call handling is one of the major services of voice. Increase business benefits by outgoing or incoming calls with minimal waiting time. This makes it easy to connect with your customers.

Advantages of Voice:

- Save time interactively

- Fast processing speed

- Access via smartphone or tablet

- Easy to use

- Increase productivity

- Secure path to transmit information

- Get better customer service management, increased customer satisfaction, reduced human resources



Language barriers are no longer a barrier when you use this service. Text or any form of data that needs to be transformed in the native language will be provided by automated technology in conjunction with language specialists.

In addition, translation helps you increase efficiency in the business by localizing the language of the product or business information.

Advantages of Translation

- Translate at the fast speed

- Professional, quality and effective

- Multilingual support

- Translate everywhere at all times

- Save time and human resources

- Improve customer satisfaction

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The reasons why you should choose our company

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